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Antonio Vega Macotela

Studies of Exhaustion III: The Mill of Blood, The Drop of Flesh, 2013, is an exquisite sculpture in the shape of a mill that evokes the human labor that was required to make gold coins throughout former Spanish colonies in the Americas. This beautifully rendered silver miniature is a likeness of a huge mill that is now in a Bolivian museum. Two other mills—one in Peru and another in Mexico—were powered by animals, but the Bolivian mill, located at too high an elevation, had to rely on power generated by Indigenous slaves from the Andes. Wealth was extracted not simply from the earth but also from the bodies of Indigenous Americans.  
Jul 20, 2014

SITE Santa Fe Introduces 

A new biennial exhibition series that explores contemporary art from Nunavut to Tierra del Fuego   July 20, 2014 – January 11, 2015  Opening Festivities July 17-19 SITElines: ... view exhibition