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July 3rd, 2014

Youth Development Program Reflects on Personal Landscape

Since April 2013, SITE Santa Fe has been administering a weekly art program for teens of the Santa Fe Youth Development Program in an effort to provide participants with a creative outlet. The week of Tuesday, June 24th we focused on internal and external landscape.

House 2.4 House 2.3

Reflecting on the theme of internal and external landscape, as inspired by the upcoming biennial exhibition, SITELines: Unsettled Landscapes, participants of the Youth Development Program folded and illustrated paper houses. In SITELines artists reflect on a variety of social, historical, and compositional components of landscape. Inherent in these pieces, though in varying degrees, is the artist’s personal narrative that lends to an emotional component of landscape. Using a variety of media artists cross boundaries between reality, the imagination, and pure illusion. This artistic inquiry provided the ideal foundation for YDP participants as they created a piece that was emblematic of their ideal landscape or dream home. They used landscape as a representation of their personality and aspirations. Through this project participants redefined the notion of landscape into something that was neither realistic nor fictive, but rather a combination of both: hopeful.House 1

Follow the directions below to create your very own paper house and explore the many facets of your personal landscape.


(1)  Fold paper in half hamburger style (I.e. – the paper, when folded, should go from being 8 ½ by 11 inches to 8 ½ by 5 ½ inches.)

(2)  Fold the paper into quarters. Bring the two edges into the middle.
house instructions copy

(3)  Bring the top corner of each side to the middle. Only crease the paper halfway from the top of the fold.
house instructions 2

(4)  Fold in the farthest side, creating an inverted crease (repeat on both sides.)How to 3