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April 18th, 2013

Welcome to the new website

Thanks for visiting SITE Santa Fe’s webSITE. It’s now easier than ever to find exhibitions and events. You can quickly find information on current programming, scan for upcoming programming or search past archives of exhibitions, events and lectures. SITE’s archives are considerable and flushing them out with all the details is a work in progress. If you find an archive that doesn’t have complete information, well, we’re working on it!

The new webSITE has been created in partnership with Anagr.am, a Santa Fe-based company specializing in responsive web design and solutions. Responsive web design is a type of coding that enables a webSITE to determine which type of device and operating system is browsing it and to adapt accordingly. The webSITE should be equally functional on large desktops, laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones and devices. The webSITE and the dynamic entry to the site features the new SITE Santa Fe logo created by Skolkin + Chickey, also based in Santa Fe.