As SITE Santa Fe marks 25 years as one of the most unique and influential contemporary art spaces in the United States, we welcome you to our expanded building designed by SHoP Architects. Over the course of 2016/17 we renovated and expanded our original beer warehouse home creating a space that reinvents our institution and brings a distinctive building to Santa Fe’s landscape. Our new building allows us to increase our capacity to engage the city of Santa Fe and beyond with dramatic new spaces for art, programming, and gathering.


SHoP Architects created a design for SITE that provides elegant new spaces within the building and an iconic new form on the exterior of the building. Their design is distinguished by a perforated metal cladding that unifies SITE’s original building with new additions in both the front and the back.

In the Spring of 2015, SHoP’s design plans for SITE were approved by the Santa Fe Railyard Community Corporation Design Review Committee. In early summer 2016, our Campaign Fundraising goal reached 75%, and our building permit was issued. Just a few months later, our project broke ground with Board, Members, neighbors, and Railyard and City officials on hand to celebrate. In the fall of 2017, we completed construction and opened our doors to the public.


curated: The Store at SITE features an expertly curated selection of contemporary art books, artist-designed products, distinctive design objects, artist limited editions, and unique gifts. Purchases at curated directly support SITE’s exhibitions and programs and many of unique items also benefit various humanitarian organizations around the world.

Visit in person to browse the full array of merchandise or shop a selection of items online. To set up a private shopping experience, call or email Store Manager Yon Hudson at 505.989.1199 x34 (hudson@sitesantafe.org).

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At our front desk you will encounter crave, SITE’s snack and coffee bar offering refreshments and snacks.


Regina Silveira, MUNDUS ADMIRABILIS, 2007– ongoing
On view in the Sky Terrace and Courtyard

Regina Silveira’s powerful graphic interventions explore perspective, shadows, and spatial relationships. Her works are site-specific and engage both interior and exterior architectural spaces. MUNDUS ADMIRABILIS, 2007/2017, creates a sense of frenzied movement within SITE’s new building with giant digital renderings of insects swarming across windows, walls, ceilings, and outdoor spaces. These creatures that are usually hidden are now overhead and underfoot conjuring associations between biblical plagues, the ills of the modern world such as corruption and degradation, and perhaps prophesize a future when only the resilient cockroach or prehistoric centipede will survive. This work was part of Silveira’s contribution to SITE Santa Fe’s Future Shock exhibition in 2017, and is courtesy of the artist; Alexander Gray Associates, New York and Luciana Brito Galeria, São Paulo.



Education Lab for students and community gathering

Auditorium for public programming and special events

Expanded Lobby home to our new store and snack and coffee bar

A new SITElab gallery project space


A Sky Terrace with extraordinary views of Santa Fe skies

State-of-the-art acoustics in a 200-seat Auditorium

Aluminum cladding exterior


New interior space: 10,000 sq. ft.

New exterior space: 5,000 sq. ft.

Total building space: 34,000 sq. ft.




Chris Sharples, Principal

Ayumi Sugiyama, Project Director

Cortez Crosby, Senior Associate

Victoire Saby, Senior Associate


Peter Brill, President

Rob Wing, Senior Project Manager

Genesis Purce, Project Manager

Joseph Martinez, General Superintendent

Architect of record, Greg Allegretti, Santa Fe


SITE Tomorrow Capital Campaign

Thank You!

SITE Santa Fe is pleased to acknowledge the following donors to

SITE Tomorrow

Capital Campaign Donors as of February 1, 2019

1 million +

The Burnett Foundation
Marlene Nathan Meyerson Family Foundation

$500,000 – $999,000

Jeanne & Michael Klein
Cynthia Miscikowski
Marilynn & Carl Thoma
Marti Meyerson & Jamie Hooper
Mary Sloane & Andrew Wallerstein


Karen & Steve Berkowitz
Lannan Foundation
Dana Pope Manning & Jim Manning
Alicia & Bill Miller
Marleen De Bode Olivié & Marc Olivié
Joann & Gifford Phillips

Christine & Bill Aylward
Sandra Deitch
Cornelia Bryer & Herman Siegelaar
Leigh Moiola & Charles Dale
Barbara & Chuck Moore
Ed Ruscha
Silvia & Alexander Speyer
Courtney Finch Taylor & Scott Taylor
The Tenenbaum Family
Polly O’Brien & Barrett Toan

Sally & Tom Dunning
Maria & Ed Gale
Christopher Hill
Catherine Oppenheimer
Frania D’Alessio & Jason Saslow
Catherine Eaton Skinner & David Skinner
Thornburg Foundation

Tom Appelquist & Charles Newman
Kiyomi & Edward Baird
Lisa & David Barker
Jean & John Berghoff
Sharon Bartel-Clements & Dennis Clements
Gay Block & Billie Parker
Madelin Coit
Elaine & Ken Cole
Virginia Dwan
Courtnay & Mark Elias
Lawrence Fodor & John Rochester
Will Halm & Marcellin Simard
Helen & Brian Heekin
Irene Hofmann & Max Protetch
Kathleen & George Hughes
Joyce Idema
Marsha & Robert Jones
Anne-Marie Bouttiaux & Tom Joyce
Robin Merlo & Michael Lescander
Ellen Moore & Rob Coffland
Nancy Ziegler Nodelman & Dwight Strong
Jane & Thomas O’Toole
Barbara & Michael Ogg I in memory of Marlene Nathan Meyerson
Ashlyn & Dan Perry
Arden Reed & Drury Sherrod
Janet Salk & Lloyd Abrams
Jenna & Wilson Scanlan
Lyn & Peter Selig
Judy & Bob Sherman
Lorlee & Arnold Tenenbaum
Robert & Ellen Vladem
Anne Wrinkle & David Veenstra
Rosina Yue
Sandy Zane & Ned Bennett

Photo: Nick Merrick, Hall+ Merrick Photography
Photo: Jeff Goldberg / Esto

We thank the generous donors who sponsored the chairs here in the Marlene Nathan Meyerson Auditorium

List current as of February 11, 2019

A Row of chairs sponsored by:
Kiyomi & Edward Baird
Susan & Conrad DeJong
Christine & Drew McDermott
Ashlyn & Dan Perry
Rosina Lee Yue I T.A.M.F.I.S.F.

A Half Row of chairs sponsored by:
Jonathan & Kathleen Altman Foundation
Claire & Jim Rhotenberry
Robert Roach & Patrick Carr

A Pair of chairs sponsored by:
Polly & Mark Addison
Roxanne & Chuck Apple
Christine & Bill Aylward | In memory of Marlene Meyerson
Denise Betesh & Ken Terry
Mary Bloom | In memory of David Nathan Meyerson
Mary Bloom | In honor of Marti Meyerson Hooper
Agnes Bourne
Brenda & Stuart Brand | In memory of Marlene Meyerson
Renee Castagnola
Phil Cook
Sandra Deitch
Nancy Egan & Jeff Waters
Elizabeth Glassman
Dolores & Kurt Hofmann
Peggy & Tom Hubbard
Mia Jang & Alan Rath
Betty & Maury Leonard
Jani & Jeff Leuschel
Doris Meyer & Richard Hertz
Frances & Dan Namingha
Arlene & Marvin D. Nathan | In memory of Marlene Nathan Meyerson
Anita Ogard & George Strickland
Carmen Paradis & Brian McGrath
Sallyann Paschall | In memory of Jeri Ah-be-hill
Debra & Clinton Paul
Cathy & Rusty Putnam
Eliza Lovett Randall
Janet Silverman & Andreas Tobler
Carol & David Smith
Allan L. Swartzberg

Individual Chairs Sponsored by:
JoAnn & Bob Balzer
Pamela Berg | in honor of Madelin Coit
Madelin Coit
Brenda Edelson
A. Charles Forte
Lisa Freeman
Anne & William Frej
Linda Conviser Glick | In memory of Robert Dunn Glick
Diane & Werner Grob
Lisa & Bill Hague | in honor of Robin Merlo
Pat Hall
Jeff Harakal & Tim Rodgers
Joanna Hess
Charlotte Jackson
Sheryl Kelsey & George Duncan
Shirley & Fred Klinghoffer
Ray Landy & John Gray
Marcia & Tim Lenihan
Barbara Lenssen & Keith Anderson
Deborah Lovely
Joseph Mannis & Hersh Mannis Co.
Beverly & George Martin
Susan & Vincent Pigott
Mary Lou Pringle & John Williams
Christine A. Rémy
Jill S. Reichman | In memory of Jack H. Satin
John & Kari Rives
Susan Shafton | In memory of Marlene Meyerson
Patricia Stanley
Linda & Jed Vitamvas

Construction Photos