Andrea Bowers

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(b. 1965 in Wilmington, Ohio, U.S.A.) Andrea Bowers consciously integrates terminologies, discourses, and tactics from political activism and community organizing into her artwork. Memorial to Arcadia Woodlands Clear-Cut (Green, Violet, Brown), created for this exhibition, is an expression of Bowers’s advocacy. On January 12, 2011, along with four other activists, she was arrested while participating in a tree-sitting protest in the city of Arcadia, at the outskirts of Los Angeles. Bowers documented the sit-in protest of the bulldozing of a grove of oaks and sycamores by the L.A. County Department of Public Works. Over two days, logging crews worked swiftly around the trees occupied by the protesters, leaving only stumps, logs, and slash. This is the material now woven into a hanging sculpture, a phantom tree of that forest that memorializes the now-razed grove.