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March 4th, 2015

SITE Guide Reflection: Elizabeth Mesh on Unsettled Landscapes

Unsettled Landscapes brought up many questions to talk about. Here are a few…
Q: What is the test for pure cocaine and how did this artist discover this fact?
A: Adriana Bustos used water to test the purity of cocaine in the dealer’s home.
Q: How do I convey American colonization without turning it into a European hate-fest or guilt-fest?
A: Stick to the facts.
Q: What is the weather in Nassau this very minute?
A: Blue Curry had a live feed from Nassau’s port to show when the next tourist ship was arriving.
Q: How many tonnes of newspaper did it take to create one tree?
A: Miller Lagos’s newspaper tree was about 3 tonnes in weight.
Q: Why are people displaced in Columbia?
A: Columbians have been displaced by many things including war, violence, social violence, and economic strife.
Q: How many mechanical modifications can one car really have?
A: Liz Cohen’s car won first place in the lowrider modifications catagory with more than four modifications.
Q: Is this trade really of equal or better value?
A: Trading artwork and goods in Middlebrook’s Your General Store brought this question up a lot.
Q: Will you marry me?
A: I was asked this when manning the Middlebrook work by one of the people who hung out in the park behind SITE Santa Fe.
Q: What are the things in your life that are really good?
A: I asked this question of a nine-year-old boy who won a tarot reading after acing the Spanish card game “31” in Pablo Helguera’s installation. The boy answered, “Well… I love everyone I know.”
Q: Does Sarah Palin live in Alert, Canada?
A: Stankovich’s work in Alert, Canada showed us that Alert was a great place to spy on Russia. So I thought maybe Sarah lives there?
Q: Why didn’t you see Unsettled Landscapes?
 A: I am not sure why you did not go….see you next time though!