Brandon Soder Photography

Tea and Tour is a new ongoing program in which the public is invited to take a tour of the exhibition Future Shock and have a discussion with SITE guides over a cup of tea. Every Tour begins at 3pm.


March 15*Artist Present* Luke DuBois | Ti Kuan Yin, Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea 

March 22: Regina Silveira presented by a SITE Guide | Gui Fe Cha Tea

March 29Lynn Hershman Leeson presented by SITE Guide Elizabeth | Melon Citrus Tea (caffeine free)

April 5Doug Aitken presented by SITE Guide Brian | Freak of Nature Oolong Tea

April 12: *Curators Present* SITE’s Young Curators | Tea TBD

April 19*Artist Present* Patrick Bernachez | Winter Blend Tea  (caffeine free)

April 26Rafael Lozano-Hemmer presented by SITE Guide Lili *last T&T with this artist | Ti Kuan Yin Tea

 May 03: Andrea Zittel presented by SITE Guide Katie | 2001 Vintage Oak Barrel Aged Pu Erh Tea

May 10: Tom Sachs presented by SITE Guide Nizhonniya | Jasmine Phoenix Pearls Tea

May 17: Dario Robleto presented by SITE Guide Kemely | English Breakfast Tea

May 24: Alexis Rockman presented by SITE Guide Amanda Ya Shi Xiang Dan Cong (aka Duck Shit Oolong)

May 31: Patrick Bernatchez presented by SITE Guide Raquel | Winter Blend Tea

June 7Patrick Bernatchez presented by SITE Guide Lili | Winter Blend Tea