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October 7th, 2014

SITE Education Drive Is A Great Success

Thank you to all of our SITE friends who participated in SITE’s third annual Back-to-School Education Drive, which raised over $20,000 and exceeded its goal. We celebrated our success at a special reception at VERVE Gallery on Sept 30, where Andy Wallerstein, SITE Board Chair introduced Joanne Lefrak, Director of Education and Outreach. SITE is very proud that Joanne will receive the 2014 Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, and she reported on the activities of SITE’s Education Department, made possible through the resources of last year’s Education Drive!

We are deeply grateful to VERVE Gallery, Jenna and Wilson Scanlan, John Scanlan, and the William & Salome Scanlan Foundation for their support of SITE’s Education Department. SITE  thanks Karen and Steve Berkowitz, Seth Bradley, Cornelia Bryer, Sean Brothers, Gail M Brown, Cyndi Conn, Pat and Bob Curtis, Nicholas Dahlin, Brittny Dayes,  Marleen De Bode Olivié, Hasan Elahi, Aimee Gwynne Franklyn, Lisa FreemanKyle Gray, Julia Goldberg,  John S.  Gordon, Jennifer Gould, Rick Hendricks, Alanna Herrera, Irene Hofmann and Max Protetch, Leslie A. Holland, Geet Jacobs, Arif Khan, Amanda Lee, Joanne Lefrak, Phyllis and Steven Lefrak, Robin Merlo and Michael Lescander, Donald and Barbara Meyer Education Fund, Marlene Meyerson, Sheila Miles, Tom Miller, Juliet  Myers, Thomas O, Christine Obermeier, Gerald and Katie Peters, Kathy and Jeff Primm, Christopher Rocca and David Rosen, Katherine Russell, John Rochester and Larry Fodor, Jenna and Wilson Scanlan, Pat Stuart, Jessica  Smyser, Linda  Swanson, Lorlee and Arnold  Tenenbaum, Carlos Treviso, Jill Cooper and Tom Udall, Andrea Vaca, Verve Gallery, Mary Sloane and Andrew Wallerstein, and anonymous.