STOP 1 – Illusions and Mirrors
Shirin Neshat discusses Illusions and Mirrors, the beginning of the Dreamers trilogy, and her collaboration with Dior and Natalie Portman.

STOP 2 – Sarah
Shirin Neshat explains the dream journey in Sarah, where a woman traverses dense forest while confronting echos of destruction, violence, genocide, and mortality, and how Japanese filmmaker and painter Akira Kurosawa inspired the film’s direction.

STOP 3 – Dreamers
Shirin Neshat illuminates how the landscapes in Dreamers trilogy reflect each protagonists’ experiences.

STOP 4 – Roja
Shirin Neshat expands on Roja and her feeling of displacement as an Iranian woman experiencing life surrounded by American culture, illuminating the complexities of belonging.

STOP 5 – Calligraphy and Portraits
Shirin Neshat discusses how Farsi calligraphy creates a meaningful relationship between the artist and subject in her portraits.

STOP 6 – New Mexico and Land of Dreams
Shirin Neshat shares why she chose New Mexico to represent the United States for her Land of Dreams project.

STOP 7 – Dreams
Shirin Neshat recalls the genesis of her obsession with dreams, starting by exploring her own dreams and expanding into inquiring about others’ dreams to discover revealing patterns.