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Amendment to the Amendment

Pedro Reyes describes the economic underpinnings of gun violence and how participants in Amendment to the Amendment worked together to rewrite the Second Amendment.

Zero Nukes
Pedro Reyes explains how the number zero became his universal icon symbolizing global abolition of nuclear weapons.

What’s the opposite of a gun? Music? Pedro Reyes explains how the musical instruments he made from decommissioned gun parts in his Disarm series celebrate life, connection, and trust.

What does Tlacuilo mean? Reyes explains the role of tlacuilos in ancient Mexico and how he envisions libraries that house all kinds of knowledge, including a plethora of languages and other forms of communication, like artworks.

Reyes describes pUN, or People’s United Nations, his experimental conference where participants assumed the role of international delegates and used conflict resolution techniques not seen in the world of global diplomacy to tackle some of today’s most pressing issues.

Palas por Pistolas
How did donated guns plant over 1,500 trees? Learn how Reyes’ project, Palas por Pistolas transformed decommissioned guns into shovels and brought people together all over the world.