In 2019, New Mexico-based artist and researcher Nina Elder exhibited What Endures in the SITElab. Featuring a collection of drawings from three bodies of work, What Endures highlighted some of the most environmentally impacted and economically important places on earth, questioned what is sacred, and explored the artist’s practice of “bearing witness” to the world.

As part of this exhibition, Elder recorded a audio tour with Guide By Cell exploring the works below. Dial 505-225-8535 and follow Nina‘s channels 31 – 39 to hear her discuss a number of topics that her work in the show addresses.

Special thanks to The Thoma Foundation and Courtney Finch Taylor for their support.


Nina Elder’s Incomplete Lists series, exhibited as part of What Endures in the SITElab as well as on the billboards on the west facade of SITE Santa Fe and in the Education Lab, investigates the process of trying to answer complex questions exhaustively in one sitting. For example: What is fleeting? What might offer protection? What is sensitive? The resulting lists function both as drawings and as poems. For her installation in the Education Lab, she engaged local elementary school students to help her create these lists.

SITE invites you to make your own incomplete list inspired by Nina’s process by responding to one of the following prompts:

– “Things That Bring Me Joy”
– “Things I Miss Doing Outside”

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