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Los Angeles Times; A World of Pleasures

Beau Monde: Toward a Redeemed Cosmopolitanism
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Dave Hickey noted..."As the poet John Ashbery said, 'The best we can expect is a pleasant surprise.'" Actually, finding a visual feast prepared by Mr. Hickey at SITE Santa Fe should be no surprise at all."

Michael Rush, The New York Times
July 8, 2001

A World of Pleasures: SITE Santa Fe's sensual, color-drenched Beau Monde exhibition is a visual knockout. Beau Monde: Toward a Redeemed Cosmopolitanism is an exhibition designed to make you swoon. It works.

The artists have transformed that [former beer] warehouse into a luxurious pleasure palace, where the aroma of beer is replaced by the promise of cocktails...Just about the only thing missing from this glamorous, sophisticated show are Bobby Short and his cafˇ-society band.

Standing before [Jim] Isermann's silver screen and [Gajin] Fujita's flashy marquee, you are cast as Dorothy Gale at the moment she opens the door of her tornado-relocated Kansas farmhouse at the edge of Munchkinland. The black and white world of ordinary experience falls away, erased by a Technicolor haze.

Beau Monde is one of those rare shows that joyfully smash all kinds of preconceptions. For me, it will be a touchstone--not only of where we are in art right now, but also of the hopeful direction in which we're headed.

Christopher Knight, The Los Angeles Times
July 17, 2001

In its brief history, SITE has established a tradition of tight, coherently themed biennials that have made some of the country's longer-established surveys--the Whitney Biennial in New York; the Carnegie International in Pittsburgh--seem slight and superficial. In Hickey's edition of the Santa Fe event, titled Beau Monde, 44 works by contemporary artists of unusually varied ages and backgrounds have been corralled into one of the most coherently eye-tingling group exhibitions I have ever seen.

Blake Gopnik, The Washington Post
July 22, 2001

This show is for people who love art, relish the creative process and aren't afraid to confront things they don't fully understand. It's an exhilarating experience, not without discomfiture, rife with opportunities to recognize affinities along with distinctions, and titillating to the intellect as well as the senses.

It's also one of the most elegantly installed and cohesively organized surveys in recent years--accessible without being condescending and theatrical as opposed to stagy.

Janet Kutner, The Dallas Morning News
July 29, 2001

Beau Monde
advances one big argument--for itself as a model of what an omnibus exhibition should be like--as well as several lesser arguments for the art it displays. The main point succeeds completely. The others invite spirited debate. The importance of pleasure in aesthetic experience is so simple and self-evident. How did we reach a point where a forthright assertion of that idea by an art show can seem like a stroke of genius?

Peter Schjeldahl, The New Yorker
August 13, 2001

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