In 1969, Seth Siegelaub, pioneering supporter of conceptual art, organized March 1969 (a.k.a. One Month), an exhibition that existed only in catalogue form. Siegelaub invited thirty-one to contribute a work; one for each day of the month. Time-Lapse curators Irene Hofmann and Janet Dees have conceived of a project that is an homage to Siegelaub’s ground-breaking “exhibition,” updated for today’s virtual, technological world. March 2012 will be hosted on the homepage of SITE’s website. Each day during March, one work by a different artist will be featured. The participating artists are an international and intergenerational group currently working with conceptual, time-based and media-orientated practices.  A cumulative archive of the project will be presented in SITE’s galleries.
March 1st : Adrian Piper, Vanishing Point #2
March 2nd : Axle Contemporary, E Pluribus Unum (From Many One)
March 3rd : Daniel Bejar, Daniel Bejar/Destroyer (The Googlegänger)
March 4th : Faith Denham, Block H
March 5th : Conor McGarrigle, Madmen: The Bittorrent Edition
March 6th : Brent Green, “Noah” from Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then
March 7th : Hiilerbrand +Magsamen, Accumulation
March 8th : Jennie C. Jones, 32 Bit Float
March 9th : Tellervo Kalleinen + Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Complaints Choirs
March 10th : Paul Notzold, TXTual Healing
March 11th : Geof Oppenheimer, Black Light, White Light, Diptych
March 12th : Benjamin Patterson, Please Wash Your Face
March 13th : Dawit L. Petros, Single Cube Formation, No. 5, Saskatoon, SK
March 14th : Liliana Porter, Matinee / Matiné
March 15th : Postcommodity, With Salvage and My Knife Tongue
March 16th : Mark Tribe, Chinoise A
March 17th : Donald Woodman, The Therapist
March 18th : The Dream Machine
March 19th : Linda Montano, Becoming Aware by Accounting for Your Time
March 20th : neuroTransmitter (Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere), Landscape + Oscillations
March 21st : Beth Coleman + Howard Goldkrand, #occupydistributed
March 22nd : Ron Cooper, Art Nourishes the Soul
March 23rd : Oded Hirsch, 50 Blue
March 24th : susan pui san lok, DIY Ballroom
March 25th : Martin John Callanan, I Wanted to See All of the News From Today
March 26th : Curated By Seth Siegelaub, March 1969 (a.k.a. One Month)
March 27th : Curated by Seth Siegelaub, March 1969 (a.k.a. One Month)
March 28th : Curated by Seth Siegelaub, March 1969 (a.k.a. One Month)
March 29th : Christina Mazzalupo, Transitions
March 30th : Matthew Cusick, File on Motor Transgression (mv1-03)
March 31st : Claudia X. Valdes, Minutes to Midnight