22 Oct 2011

Reenacting History: a conversation with Mark Tribe and Geof Oppenheimer

Related Event: Reenacting History: a conversation with Mark Tribe and Geof Oppenheimer with speakers Mark Tribe and Geof Oppenheimer

In the auditorium at the New Mexico History Museum Free, sponsored by lannan Foundation
Agitated Histories curator Irene Hofmann will moderate a conversation with exhibiting artists Mark Tribe and Geof Oppenheimer about their use of reenactments as an artistic strategy to explore, challenge, and understand potent events in political history.

Geof Oppenheimer‘s work addresses the formal manifestation of political values. Through his diverse artistic practice, Oppenheimer presents political, social, and artis- tic binaries ranging from fascism vs. democracy, boutique vs. homespun, and detention vs. agency. Oppenheimer has participated in exhibitions at PS1/MOMA, the Aspen Art Museum, and the Berkeley Art Museum, among others. Oppenheimer is an Associate Professor of Practice in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago.

Mark Tribe is an artist and curator whose interests include art, technology, media theory, and politics. His work has been exhibited at LACE, the DeCordova Biennial, and the National Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow, among others. Tribe is Assistant Professor of Modern Culture and Media Studies at Brown University. In 1996, Tribe founded Rhizome, an organization that supports the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.