26 Aug 2008

Billie Tsien & Tod Williams (2 of 2)

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“We see architecture as an act of profound optimism. Its foundation lies in believing that it is possible to make places on the earth that can give a sense of grace to life – and in believing that that matters.” – Tod Williams and Billie Tsien

Tod Williams and Billie Tsien’s architecture aims to alter our personal and collective experiences of space and place. Their practice responds to investigations and ideas about how buildings relate to a particular site and how one constructs forms that balance logic with intuition. Their architectural endeavors speak with great subtlety about the importance of the physical and conceptual space that exists between objects, people, and their environment. Elegant and refined, their minimalist constructions pay careful attention to context. Within the museum setting, for example, their work bridges the gap between architecture, fine art, and people by encouraging visitors to experience space through physical movement. They create and integrate multiple paths that traverse and circulate space, allowing viewers to experience their environment through various, shifting perspectives. For Lucky Number Seven, Williams and Tsien have created an exhibition design that embodies the principles of their practice, and SITE Santa Fe is honored to collaborate with them in the creation of their work for the Seventh International Biennial.

In their presentation, they will speak about their current projects in the United States, Hong Kong, and India.

Co-sponsored by Avalon Trust