01 Mar 2018

Artist Talk: Tom Sachs

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$10 general admission
$5 members, students
Free for members at the $125 level and above

As a child of the 1960s, Tom Sachs was captivated by the romance and excitement of the Apollo program. Throughout his career, Sachs has mined our memory of the Moon landing and our ongoing fascination with space travel to create sculptures that echo the spacecraft, the equipment, and the specimens of extraterrestrial exploration. Over the last decade, these works––including sculptural elements, simulated mission demonstrations, and a range of publications and videos––have formed a body of work he calls SPACE PROGRAM. Marked by the artist’s distinctive low-tech aesthetic and bricolage technique, featuring components made from salvaged parts and humble hardware store materials, these works propose bold new space voyages.

Now that the Apollo Program is part of history, and privatized space travel is emerging as the ultimate adventure tourism for the elite, Sachs’s ongoing SPACE PROGRAM offers an exuberant, accessible, and egalitarian alternative––twelve bucks will buy you a SPACE PROGRAM patch, and an Instagram account gives you direct live access to the missions undertaken by the artist and his squad of intrepid space travelers.