03 May 2018

Artist Talk by Alexis Rockman

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Alexis Rockman is best known for monumentally scaled futuristic painted landscapes that address global existential threats such as climate change, mass extinction, and ecological imbalances. Disciplining his vibrant creative imagination with the rigor of scientific research and imbuing it with the passion of activism, he brings urgency and gravitas to work that forces viewers to confront their own role as humans in the unfolding transformation of the planet. Rockman currently has two large paintings, Battle Royale and Bronx Zoo, on exhibit as part of the Future Shock exhibition at SITE Santa Fe.

SITE Santa Fe is pleased to publish a special book, Alexis Rockman: New Mexico Field Drawings with a preface by Irene Hofmann, and an essay by Lucy R. Lippard, on the occasion of his new body of work commissioned by and presented at SITE Santa Fe as part of Future Shock (October 7, 2017-June 10, 2018). Special thanks to Angela Westwater, Sperone Westwater, for additional support of the publication. The book is available May 3, and Rockman will sign copies after his artist talk at SITE Santa Fe.