16 Oct 2009

2010 Biennial Curator Lecture – Sarah Lewis and Daniel Belasco (2 of 2)

Related Event: 2010 Biennial Curator Lecture with speakers Sarah Lewis and Daniel Belasco

SITE’s Eighth International Biennial will examine the recent emergence of film and video as an animated platform through which to integrate other media – painting, drawing and sculpture – a development they see as strongly related to the filmic concept of the “dissolve,” in which one shot fades into another. Organized by Sarah Lewis and Daniel Belasco, The Dissolve will offer insight into this fast-moving development and will also feature new commissionsn from innovators of the medium juxtaposed with key examples of early animations. To address the spatial demands of the constantly shifting nature of video, the curators have commissioned renowned architect David Adjaye to reinterpret the iconic environments through which the moving image is experienced – from the nickelodeon to the arena-like interior of contemporary movie theaters to the internet.

The curators will present their concept and plans for the exhibition in their lecture.