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July 9th, 2014

Internship Reflections: Addison Nace

Addison is a student at Antioch College.  She worked at SITE in the Education and Outreach Department as an intern during the Spring of 2014Here are her final reflections about her experience at SITE upon completing her internship.

“To be weft and to be warp,” a saying of the Lahdek people, has become a model on which to build my life. It means to remember the past, the warp, and to build upon it for oneself, the weft. The weft and warp are two intersecting sets of threads that make a whole cloth, or, in the case of past and present, fate of a person. As part of my warp, my past, I was a Young Curator for last year’s exhibition, Phantasmagoria. This initial experience was a thread in my larger interest of museums. Coming into the weft of my personal cloth, my weft, I am student at Antioch College, and for my first co-op–my term off campus working for college credit–in the spring of 2014 I returned to SITE Santa Fe to work as an Education and Outreach Intern. My experience interning with the Education Department at SITE has continued the weaving of my fate, and deepened my exploration into the world of museums and curation.

Antioch College strongly appreciates community, and I wanted to learn about how a museum relates back to its own respective community in order to grow my passions at the Antioch. SITE’s connection to the Santa Fe Community is exemplified by the Young Curators. Mentoring the Young Curators, after having been one, sparked my creativity, and allowed me to be in a comfortable leadership position. I thought of multiple ideas for activities at the Ice Cream Social. I worked with my hands making countless cheery pink, brown, and white Ice Cream decorations. I really hope that with my ideas and assistance, the Young Curator’s also gain some empowerment and strength of their own.

I was also given the responsibility, along with my fellow intern, Emily, of organizing a silent auction while Amanda was away in New York. Having this responsibility I felt respected and important as an intern, which is a rarity in the intern world. I hope that the weft of my personal fabric continues to bring me to such places.

Much of my time at SITE was spent working on the floor or at the front desk. Working in both positions was both a challenge and a joy. Juggling the phones, especially if it rings on two separate lines, was often frightening for a second until I calmed down and discovered the best way to approach it. I really enjoyed my interactions with visitors. I appreciated being able to practice discussing art with others.

For this thread in my great weft-warp journey, I have greatly appreciated discovering ways in which art in general can foster inspiration and collaboration between many different groups of people. I have gained a greater appreciation for working with students. I have taken one step in discovering ways to bring my whole self and interests into a work place. I am excited to continue weaving my fate. Thank you SITE for the wonderful work experience!