12 Jan 2014 / 18 Dec 2013

SITElab 3: Alan Shields: Maze / Stephen Petronio Dance Company: Into the Maze

SITE is proud to present a large-scale work by Alan Shields (1944-2005). Maze (1981-82), is an immersive interactive environment, a labyrinth of narrow pathways created by a series of two-sided works on un-stretched canvas hung on a frame of painted poles. Shields is known for creating abstract works that blurred the boundaries between painting, sculpture, printmaking and installation. Maze is the largest work Shields ever made. In 2012, choreographer Stephen Petronio (b. 1956) was invited by curator Jill Brienza to create Into the Maze, a performance for eight dancers that interacts with this monumental artwork, and re-imagines it thirty years after its initial creation.  In conjunction with theMaze, SITE will present a film of the dance performance, which is set to music composed by Tom Laurie, specifically for the work. The video was filmed by Scott Kilgour, Michael Bradford and Garret King and edited by Garret King.