21 Aug 2022 / 08 Apr 2022

Nani Chacon: SPECTRUM

SITE Santa Fe is proud to present; SPECTRUM, a new body of work from artist Nani Chacon (b.1980 Chinle, Diné) that explores cultural repair and radical colonial resistance through masterful visual storytelling and re-telling. Composed of 10 newly commissioned large-scale paintings and a survey of Chacon’s public murals and personal archive, SPECTRUM draws inspiration from traditional Diné creation mythology, and blends this with Chacon’s own experiences as a contemporary Indigenous artist.

Nani Chacon (b.1980) is a Diné and Chicana artist, born in Gallup, New Mexico. Chacon’s practice includes large-scale site-specific public artworks, drawing, installation, and design. Primarily working as a painter and muralist, she has shown both nationally and internationally, creating projects that focus on community engagement, led by her personal philosophy that art should be an accessible, and meaningful catalyst for social change. Her work is recognized for its unique style, using figurative subject matter to explore the complexity of contemporary Indigenous culture and identities, bringing these voices to the forefront of public arenas.

Chacon received her bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of New Mexico in 2003. Notable Projects have been supported by; The National Endowment for the Arts, California Endowment for the Arts, US Consulate and Embassy in Russia, The Obama Foundation, NM Public Arts Foundation, National Museum of Mexican Art Chicago, Navajo Nation Museum, National Hispanic Cultural Center, and the Museum of Native Contemporary Art.

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Accompanying Programs

After the Winter, 2021

Artist Nani Chacon collaborated with residents of the Serenity Mesa Recovery Center to develop a mural at the Mountain Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

You Can’t Ignore a Wall: Public Discourse of Women Muralists
Thurs, Apr 28, 2022 at 6pm

Renowned art historian, educator, and Dean of Yale School of Art Dr. Kymberly Pinder will explore the growing, but often overlooked, history of women muralists.

Community Art as Practice in Healing, Justice, and Liberation
Thurs, May 26, 6pm

Join Gaye Theresa Johnson, Associate Professor of Chicana/o & Central American Studies and Associate Director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA, for a discussion of community-based art’s role in politics, community, and activism.

Miss the event? Join the #LunchTalk!

Artist Talk with Nani Chacon and Alan Ket
Fri, June 10, 6pm

Exhibiting artist Nani Chacon and will discuss the transition from graffiti art to mural making, community engagement, and the role of murals and street art in the global art market with Museum of Graffiti co-founder Alan Ket.
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