09 Jan 2022 / 01 Oct 2021

SITElab 15: Joanna Keane Lopez: Land Craft Theatre

New Mexico-based artist Joanna Keane Lopez’s practice reclaims adobe and wildcrafting traditions and celebrates the legacy of the adobera and enjarradora—women who are masters at constructing and preserving earthen buildings. Exploring the boundaries between large-scale installation and adobe architecture, Land Craft Theatre examines notions of home and functions as a stage for stories of connection.

An intimate dialogue between artist and material, Land Craft Theatre enriches the viewer’s understanding of land-sourced materials, such as adobe and botanical dyes and brings each aspect of the creative process into focus. Comprising two large-scale sculptural installations (adobe and paper), Keane Lopez incorporates plant and insect dyes, land-sourced colored clays, and hand-harvested aliz (a traditional clay plaster) from New Mexico.

Joanna Keane Lopez (b. 1991 Albuquerque; lives in New Mexico) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work brings together contemporary sculpture, adobe architecture and land sourced practices as a reimagining of landscape and place. By working with materials of adobe, alíz, paper and plant & mineral based dyes her practice acts to address conceptions of sculpture in engagement with land. Through the passing down of knowledge of vernacular architectural techniques of the greater Southwest, Keane Lopez creates work that seeks healing and reparation of fragmentation towards land, home, family and community that is connected to her own multi-generational roots in New Mexico. Keane Lopez has been supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. She has exhibited nationally at institutions which include: The Momentary of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, SITE Santa Fe, the National Hispanic Cultural Center Art Museum, and Blue Star Contemporary, and participated as artist in residence at A-Z West and Ucross Foundation.