10 Apr 2022 / 10 Apr 2022

To Name An Other: Public Performance organized by Jeffrey Gibson

Apr 10, 2022 At SITE Santa Fe

To Name An Other is a free public performance organized by American artist Jeffrey Gibson at SITE Santa Fe. A new commission work involving video, performance and installation beginning with a full day empowerment workshop for the artist and performers, the public performance will be recorded and included as part Gibson’s upcoming exhibition at SITE Santa Fe, The Body Electric.

Jeffrey Gibson (b.1972, Colorado) is a celebrated multidisciplinary artist whose works are represented in over 20 permanent collections across the US. He is a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and half Cherokee.

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TO NAME AN OTHER by Jeffrey Gibson, Esker Foundation, Saturday 19 October 2019. Produced in partnership with Springboard Performance, the Fluid Festival and Esker Foundation. Photo by Elyse Bouvier.
Each performer will wear a custom garment designed by Jeffrey Gibson that has a “name” or text printed on it. This “name” describes an action or event that Jeffrey has found inspirational and courageous in the recent and current political climate.

The performance will begin with an empty set of bleachers. One after another, the performers will walk onto the bleachers and stand before a microphone, say their “name,” then begin drumming. They will hold for 30 seconds drumming in front of the mic and then walk to the top row of the bleachers. The next performer will step onto the bleachers and follow the same steps. The performers who are drumming will continue to drum as all performers repeat the same steps, until all performers are on the bleachers drumming together. The performers will walk off of the bleachers one by one, when called. They will continue to drum until they exit the space. The number of drummers will reduce to 0 and the performance will come to an end.

SITE Santa Fe thanks The Railyard Art Project (RAP), through the Railyard Park Conservancy for the use of the Railyard Park for this project. RAP welcomes proposals for the installation of temporary artworks throughout the park, as well as donations to support our work.

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