31 Jul 2020 / 08 Jun 2020

Silver Linings Postcard Project: A Public Art Project and Fundraiser

Mon, Jun 8 At SITE Santa Fe

SITE Santa Fe invites the public to participate in silver linings, a public art project and fundraiser encouraging community reflection, communication, sharing, speaking out, and being heard. 

The project consists of three parts:

  1. – We invite New Mexico artists of all ages and backgrounds to create an original 2D artwork on a postcard (5.5 x 11 in) and donate it to SITE Santa Fe to be sold with 100% of the sales to support The Santa Fe Dreamers Project. A selection of these postcards will be displayed and available for sale in SITE’s store, CURATED, and others will be promoted online.
  2. – All submitted works in a horizontal billboard format will be reviewed by a jury comprised of community members. 
  3. – Three finalists will be selected to have their works reproduced and presented as a billboard on the side of SITE’s building, premiering in early 2021.

About Santa Fe Dreamers Project: Santa Fe Dreamers Project provides free legal services to immigrants to promote economic empowerment, community development, family unity, and liberation from detention. Supporting immigrants makes our whole community stronger. 


silver linings: Postcard Project

SITE Santa Fe believes that contemporary art has the power to transform lives, foster empathy, unite communities and inspire social change. During this time of crisis, uncertainty, and change, SITE is shifting the way we connect with our community and imagining new ways we can help one another through the arts. We have been given the opportunity to see how interconnected we all are on a grand scale, and how we are truly remarkable in our ability to adapt and work together. For many of us, these have been times of introspection, reflection, action, and transformation, the perfect breeding ground for new ideas and creative projects, and what we might call silver linings. 

How to Participate:

Each participating artist will receive a postcard on which to create an original artwork. Submitted works will be included in an online catalogue that will link to the artist’s website, and each submission is available for sale with 100% of the proceeds donated as part of a fundraiser for the Santa Fe Dreamers Project.  Santa Fe Dreamers Project staff members are working hard to provide free legal services to immigrants, promote economic empowerment, community development, family unity, and liberation from detention. Supporting immigrants makes our whole community stronger.

Call for Artists:

SITE invites artists to consider the following questions or themes when creating their 2D work: 

  • What does resilience look like?
  • What is healing in times of crisis?
  • What does kindness look like?

Each participating artist picks up a blank 5.5 x 11 inch postcard, protective sleeve, and artist registration form from a designated box outside of SITE’s building. Submissions are limited to 1-2 works per person. We want to make the process as seamless and contactless as possible to reinforce our Covid-19 safety precautions.

Beginning June 8, 2020, blank postcards are available for pick up outside of SITE’s front entrance Mondays through Fridays, from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm as long as supplies last. If an artist is unable to pick up/drop off from SITE, our staff can work with them to make other arrangements. To request special arrangements for your postcard, please email: info@sitesantafe.org.

All completed works should be 2D, dry, and placed with registration form in original sleeve delivered back to SITE by July 31, 2020. A designated box will be placed outside of SITE’s front entrance to receive completed works Mondays through Fridays, from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm from June 30 through July 31, 2020. Make sure your designs only utilize the front of the postcard. We want every artwork to be able to be used as a functional postcard, so please leave areas for address and message clear. PLEASE NOTE: IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THE BILLBOARD PROJECT, SUBMISSIONS MUST BE HORIZONTAL IN ORIENTATION. 

silver linings: Postcard Project is juried by Santa Fe community members. This panel of jurors will review all submissions in August, and three finalists will be announced in September. The finalists will have their works reproduced and installed as billboards on SITE’s building premiering in early 2021. Learn more about SITE’s Billboard Project here.

Special thanks for the support of our in-kind sponsor, Paper Tiger.

Download the artist registration here for more information.

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