Leonardo Drew, Number 163, 2012,
18 Jul 2015

Public Opening Unsuspected Possibilities and SITE 20 Years / 20 Shows: Summer

Jul 18, 2015 At SITE Santa Fe

Join us for the Opening of Unsuspected Possibilities, a collaboration between Leonardo Drew, Sarah Oppenheimer, and Marie Watt, curated by Janet Dees.

Also opening is the second installment of SITE 20 Years / 20 Shows, a yearlong series of 20 projects including exhibitions and special events. This three-part series celebrates SITE’s dynamic exhibition history by reconnecting with 20 artists who have showed at SITE over the years and inviting them to return to SITE to present new work, sometimes in collaboration with other artists and creative producers. This installment Summer features the works of Janine Antoni with Stephen Petronio, Amy Cutler with Emily Wells and Adriana Papaleo, Ann Hamilton, Harmony Hammond with Francis Cape and Dario Robleto with Patrick Feaster and Lance Ledbetter.