21 Aug 2021

After Party: Nataanii Means and Def-i with Young Native and B3ar

Aug 21, 2021 At SITE SANTA FE

Curated by Echota Killsnight, this show and party dovetails with the events of Indian Market weekend and features Taos Pueblo tribal member and powerful emcee B3ar with DJ Element, DJ Young Native from Albuquerque, recognized Hip-Hop Artist, and Activist Nataanii Means (Oglala Lakota, Omaha, Dine’) joined by New Mexico based musician and beatmaker Def-i (Navajo). The night will also incorporate special guests including singer and dancer, Tia Wood from the Plains Cree people of Canada, Zay_islike aka Isaiah Gutierrez from Santa Clara Pueblo, and Mato an Indigenous singer and producer.

About the Artists:
A Taos Pueblo tribal member with a powerful message is emcee B3ar, aka Bear Marcus. Marcus possesses an inspirational, contemporary voice, a rarity in some Native American communities. “Our community being patriarchal, women are unable to use their voice to inspire in positions like such.” B3ar noted that “being a female emcee allows me to use my voice to bring awareness to how crucial it is to stick to tradition, to preserve the sacredness of our land and culture.” Marcus attributes this outlook to growing up both traditional and modern. “I’ve learned there must be balance. In the modern world the idea of tradition is almost unheard of nowadays,” she said. “Being Indigenous, participating in ceremony is my norm.” (Taos News)

For over 10 years DJ Young Native has moved thousands of crowds with his progressive style and trademark style of scratching and mixing. YN’s tasteful and unique selection of music also sets a fresh standard in every venue he performs. The combination of his advanced turntable skills and tasteful record selection has earned Young Native opportunities to perform at multiple major venues across the country & internationally. In 2000 Young Native mesmerized fans and created a loyal following when he showcased at Thomas and Mack Arena in Las Vegas, NV (at the age of 15) featured on the Up in Smoke Tour. The arena was sold out and jam-packed with over 40,000 hip hop fanatics.

After a decade of living as an MC/ Beat Maker based in New Mexico, the artist known as Def-i (Navajo), has earned respect and marked his spot in the Hip-Hop realm as a devoted musician committed to supplying listeners with quality music/sound. Hailing from Albuquerque, NM and emerging from the underground indy rap circuit, Def-i’s eclectic repertoire has provided him with much success and opportunity; MC, Producer, Artist-Educator. Def-i has been featured on Sway In The Morning, NPR, BBC, Van’s Warped Tour, Democracy Now!, HipHopDX, PBS, & more.

Nataanii Means spits gritty rhymes about his experiences as an American Indian man in the 21st Century. He deals with the same issues as most young men his age- peer pressures, women, anxiety for the future; but he also writes about them through his personal Native lens which makes his music so unique. On “Warrior” Nataanii laments “Call the coroner on another fallen warrior in the land of the forgotten- bad seeds already rotten. Poppin pills to fill the void of death knockin, you can guarantee the feds watchin, cuz we grew up around these revolutionaries who went to Wounded Knee to get their hearts buried.” As the son of the great Russell Means, Nataanii shares his music almost as an extension of his father’s impassioned speeches, hoping it has a similar impact on the youth.

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