20 Apr 2018

Goldberg Experienced.03/77K (initiated in collaboration with Guillaume-Van Roberge): Patrick Bernatchez

Apr 20, 2018 At SITE Santa Fe

$15 general admission/ $10 all members, students

Goldberg Experienced.03/77K is an installation composed of eight record-players producing an elementary and repetitive melody through the irregular movement of the needles. The spectator can overhear some brief extracts from the Aria and from some of the thirty Goldberg Variations by J.-S. Bach. While being recognizable at first, in the course of the performance the structure of the musical piece becomes more repetitive and abstract. The classical piece is being disjointed by fragmentation and superimposition. Thus given up to the rhythmic mishaps and the mechanical choreography of the record-players, the Goldberg Variations are divided up and transformed into a minimalist score. The result recalls the works of American musicians such as Steve Reich, Terry Riley, John Adams or Philip Glass. These sound explorations allow Future Shock artist Patrick Bernatchez to tackle the notions of transformation, degradation and decay. This automatic and stripped-back process generates a new soundscape coming out of a classical piece.

Business Council Sponsor: Adobo Catering

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