12 Dec 2018

Digest This! Seed Banks and the Sound of Navajo Country

Dec 12, 2018 At Marlene Nathan Meyerson Auditorium

Mollie Parsons and Dr. Kristina Jacobsen, PhD

$10 general admission/ $5 all members, students

Mollie Parsons, Director of Education at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden, will talk about seed ecology.  Seed banks have been around as long as humans have practiced agriculture and are used to store and preserve seeds to ensure future crops and other cultivated plants. Today, with the threat of climate change and the advent of monoculture crop production across the world, there has been a massive push to preserve seeds to protect biological diversity. Although this seems a simple process of collecting and preserving seeds, the reality is much more complex.

In this presentation, Dr. Kristina Jacobsen will give a brief reading and performance from her book, The Sound of Navajo Country: Music, Language and Diné Belonging (2017), the first book in the new Critical Indigeneities Series (editors J. Kehaulani Kauanui & Jean M. O’Brien) from the University of North Carolina Press. In this ethnography of Navajo (Diné) popular music culture, Kristina M. Jacobsen examines questions of Indigenous identity and performance by focusing on the surprising and vibrant Navajo country music scene.

Navajo tea and cookies will be served at this event.

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