25 Jun 2022 / 25 Jun 2022

Alive Painting by Akiko Nakayama: CURRENTS at SITE Santa Fe

Jun 25, 2022 At SITE Santa Fe

SITE Santa Fe is thrilled to partner with CURRENTS New Media Festival to present Alive Painting by artist Akiko Nakayama. Using different types of liquids, each with a unique characteristic, Alive Painting depicts the resonance between shapes and textures. Nakayama has performed Alive Painting both solo & in collaborations in various cities over the past several years.

Born in 1988, Akiko Nakayama is a painter who depicts the beauty of energy metamorphosis. Through media such as installation, photos and performance, Nakayama combines the energy of movement and the vibrancy of colors, bringing pictures to life. Nakayama has performed for New ARS ELECTRONICA (2019) Austria Linz, TEDxHaneda (2015) Tokyo, DLECTRICITY ART FESTIVAL (2017) USA Detroit, LAB30 Media Art Festival (2018) Augsburg, TECHNARTE Art and Technorogy (2019) Bilbao Spain, MUTEK Montreal 2019, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Closing Ceremony.


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