SITEcenter is the education and outreach component of the SITElines exhibitions. SITElines exhibitions focus on art from the Americas in a biennial format. SITEcenter signals a commitment to tie the curatorial process with education outreach efforts and a deeper engagement within in the community of Santa Fe. SITEcenter programs include commissioning artists to work on projects within the community as well as lectures and events related to the themes of the exhibitions.


SITElab6: Marcel Pinas/Kukuu: January 23 – February 14, 2015


Unsettled Landscapes

Miler Lagos
The Great Tree

Blue Curry

Pablo Helguera
Nuevo Romancero

Jason Middlebrook
Your General Store

Andrea Geyer
Spiral Lands

Daniel Joseph Martinez
She could See Russia from Her House, Those who wish for peace should prepare for war! -Old Sasquatch Proverb (In search of the Tribe Called Sasquatch, or who really really built the Alaskan Oil Pipeline) 16 Communiques and found photographs from traveling the length and breath of Alaska during the month of August

Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle
Well 35° 58′ 16″ N 106° 5′ 21″ W

Jamison Chas Banks
Retour des Cendres Vol. 1
(Return of the Ashes Vol. 1)

Liz Cohen

Marcos Ramirez ERRE and David Taylor

Yishai Jusidman

Johanna Calle
Perímetros (Ceiba)/
Perimeters (Ceiba)

Glenda León
Esperanza (Out of Season)

Gianfranco Foschino

Deborah Jack

Melanie Smith

Clarissa Tossin
When Two Places Look Alike

Charles Stankievech
The Soniferous Æther of The Land Beyond The Land Beyond

Casting Forging Eclipse