SITE Guide giving a tour of, "Unsettled Landscapes," to students.

SITE Guides are trained educators who can make exhibitions accessible and engaging to a wide range of people, in addition to ensuring the safety of the artwork. SITE Guides are all trained in tour-giving methodology known as VTS that encourages visitors to build personal relationships with the artwork and are available to discuss artwork on display with visitors whenever the museum is open.

ToursBring your class to SITE Santa Fe to enjoy a discussion based tour of the exhibitions followed by an optional hands-on activity. Visits can either be one hour or two hours. Tours are offered on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 10am-5pm. Tours must be scheduled three weeks in advance. Tours and activities are free, additionally there is funding to help reimburse the cost of bus transportation.
One Hour: Discussion-based tour
Two Hours: Discussion-based tour followed by hands on art activity

Arrange a Tour

Classroom Visit: SITE Santa Fe comes to your classroom! We will present a powerpoint featuring the work of exhibiting artists followed by a hands on art activity. Classroom visits can accommodate the length of your class. Classroom visits can be scheduled on Mondays or Wednesdays between 9am-5pm. Classroom visits are free.
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