SITE SANTA FE offers the following opportunities for schools, educators, and students:

Field Trip to SITE SANTA FE
Bring your class to SITE SANTA FE to enjoy a discussion-based tour of the exhibitions followed by an optional hands-on art activity. Tours are offered to grades K-12 on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 10am-5pm, and can accommodate up to 40 students at once. Tours must be scheduled two weeks in advance. Tours and activities are free, and there is funding to help reimburse the cost of bus transportation.

Visits to SITE SANTA FE can either be one hour or two hours.
One Hour: Discussion-based tour
Two Hours: Discussion-based tour followed by hands on art activity

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Classroom Visit
For a classroom visit, SITE SANTA FE’s Education Coordinator will come to your classroom and present a powerpoint featuring the work of the artists we currently have featured at SITE SANTA FE followed by a hands-on art activity. Classroom visits can accommodate the length of your class. Available Tuesday-Friday between 10 am-3 pm for grades K-12.

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Young Curators
Young Curators is a free after-school program for high school students to learn how to bring an art exhibition to life. Working together, the Young Curators meet once a week after school for two hours to decide on a theme, select what pieces to include, and write critically about art and the exhibition. The day and time are determined based on the participants’ availability.
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