SITE SANTA FE’s Internship Program is a paid opportunity that provides interns with meaningful experiences in a working environment within a contemporary art museum. They will be encouraged to expand on their experiences by also learning in other areas of museum operations. This includes not only working directly on multi-departmental projects, but also one-on-one interviews with staff to learn about their roles and backgrounds.

Interns will be required to work a minimum of 120 hours (or 10 hours/week for 12 weeks).

Each intern will receive a $1,680 stipend ($840 at the midpoint and $840 at the completion of the internship). Internship stipends issued by SITE SANTA FE are not considered salary or meant as compensation, but are awarded to help defray living expenses for an intern during the term of their appointment.

Other benefits include:

  • Course credit (if desired)
  • Supporter-Level SITE SANTA FE Memberships ($125 value): includes access to the North American Reciprocal, ROAM, and the Modern/Contemporary museum membership programs
  • Meeting with SITE SANTA FE’s leadership staff
  • Networking opportunities throughout Santa Fe
  • Free parking near SITE SANTA FE
  • Choice of SITE SANTA FE catalog or publication

Checklist for applying:

  • Online form (includes one short essay question)
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Two professional reference
  • One letter of recommendation from one of your professional references


SITE SANTA FE’s Internship Program is supported by a generous grant from The Hayes Foundation.

How to Apply

Click HERE to submit your application.

Internship Options

Education & Public Programs

SITE SANTA FE’s education, outreach, and public programs seek to make contemporary art accessible to a wide and diverse audience, stimulate a high level of discourse, and explore multiple perspectives of art and culture on an international scale. Through SITE SANTA FE’s education programs, we seek to be a platform for empowering and educating the next generation of museum professionals, artists, and advocates of art and culture. This fall, the Education & Public Programs intern will participate in a variety of activities such as: facilitating art activities inspired by SITE SANTA FE’s exhibition(s); assisting with public programs; shadowing SITE Guide tours; assisting with the Young Curators Program; writing posts for the Outreach Hub, SITE SANTA FE’s education blog; researching upcoming exhibitions; preparing study packets for upcoming exhibitions; and brainstorming and developing curriculum inspired by the exhibitions. All Education & Public Programs interns must pass a background check before being officially accepted into the program.

Museum Operations Intern

The intern selected for this position will spend time working between three different departments at SITE SANTA FE; learning a variety of skills which are applicable to a wide range of positions and practices. The three departments are; External Affairs, Administration, and Development.

The External Affairs Department employs a variety of communication, marketing, and promotional tools to ensure international, national, and local visibility for SITE SANTA FE including the management of an organizational website, media outreach, and the design, production and distribution of print and digital materials. Design skills, Google Suite computer skills, and fluency with social media are necessary. Photography and video experience are a plus.

The Administration Department handles the ongoing work which ensures that SITE SANTA FE as an institution runs smoothly.  In this department the intern can expect to work on the diligent upkeep of information pertinent to SITE SANTA FE’s internal operations, as well as working on the research, organizing, and presentation of data related to various task forces and initiatives in the museum; including, but not limited to, the IDEA task force.

The Development Department is responsible for seeking philanthropic support for SITE SANTA FE’s exhibitions, education programs, and operating expenses. In this department the intern will work with SITE SANTA FE’s grant writer to learn the depth of research, writing, and editing that go into completing a successful grant.

Exhibitions & Curatorial

The Exhibitions and Curatorial intern will work with the Assistant Curator, Exhibition Manager, and Chief Preparator on a number of curatorial and registrarial projects, such as archiving past exhibitions, condition reporting, and gallery maintenance. Other projects that may arise include: assisting visiting artists, attending press tours/walkthroughs, and researching artists in upcoming exhibitions.

Quotations from past interns

“In my daily work, I am regularly tasked with responsibilities that are integral to the museum as well as the guests that come through. I have begun to learn about what it takes to manage and prepare for multiple programs in a day, week, month, and year… It gives me purpose to be even a small part of the extensive year long programing that the Education & Public Programs team are constantly working on at SITE SANTA FE. Not only this but I get to be surrounded by a hard-working, diverse, thoughtful, and friendly staff. And I couldn’t imagine a better setting to work in!”
Louis Abbene-Meagley, Education & Public Programs, Fall 2018

“A significant fraction of my positive experience can be attributed to my interactions with the staff both within and outside of the Education department. I felt like I was seen and acknowledged as an equal partner in almost every interaction that I had with other employees, something that I’ve rarely experienced in past internships and entry-level positions that I’ve held.”
Delaney Hoffman,  Education & Public Programs, Summer 2018

“The highlights of my internship include the major projects I worked on, meeting all of the artists and curators, making a new friend, and of course all of the adventures that I had outside of the museum… There were three main projects that I worked on throughout the summer. Building Marta Minujin’s mud nest, cleaning and preparing Mariana Castillo Deball’s terracotta totems, and reporting the incoming condition of all of the work in the biennial.”
Ariel Moran,  Exhibitions & Curatorial, Summer 2016