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October 31st, 2014

Adobe Airstream Podcast featuring Daniel Joseph Martinez

SITE Santa Fe, in partnership with Adobeairstream.com,​ the Santa Fe-based online contemporary art magazine, ​presents a new ​series of ​podcast​s​ highlighting the art and themes of Unsettled Landscapes,​ as a part of a digital ​media residency with editor/founder​ Ellen Berkovitch. The​se ​podcasts​ offers a series of conversations​ on themes of the first edition of SITElines.2014 through interviews with the artists, curators and ​the ​general public.

In this third installment, Berkovitch​ talks with artist Daniel Joseph Martinez to discuss his work, She could See Russia from Her House, Those who wish for peace should prepare for war!-Old Sasquatch Proverb (In search of the Tribe Called Sasquatch, or who really built the Alaskan Oil Pipeline).  Martinez conceptualized the piece during two separate month-long residencies in which he traveled huge distances through the Alaskan wilderness. The work consists of cliché postcards of natural Alaskan flora and fauna mirrored in distorted, fun house mirrors, which produce multiples of the postcards and the viewer contemplating the piece. On the other side of the card facing the viewer, Martinez writes deconstructive narrative and existential vignettes that relate to certain times, experiences, and thoughts he had on these Alaskan adventures.